This site contains manuscript images and editions of poems by Sarah Wilmot compiled in a manuscript notebook by her daughter, Elizabeth Sarah Wilmot (the notebook is one of three held at the Chawton House Library as MS 4946 WIL). "Sarah Wilmot, Forgotten Bluestocking" also offers contextual and critical materials related to the poems. The site was created by the students of ENGL 420W at Simon Fraser University in the Fall 2017 and Summer 2018 semesters, as well as by Research Assistants Ann Cheng, Rawia Inaim, and Angela Wachowich, under the direction of Professor Betty A. Schellenberg (

Recently Added Items

The Mistake Rectified April 1770

The Mistake Rectified transcription.docx

Edition of poem by Sarah Wilmot, transcribed into the notebook of her daughter Elizabeth Sarah Wilmot, signed "SW"

David Garrick Leaning on a Bust of Shakespeare

David Garrick Leaning on a Bust of Shakespeare.jpg

Painting of prominent actor/ director David Garrick leaning on a bust of Shakespeare near a forest. A small body of water and white bridge can be seen…

Horses in a Meadow

Horses Open Access .jpg

A brown horse and a white horse standing in a meadow.